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The strategy genre had a few defeats in the last year, because 2007 was the shooter year at all. Never before have so many high-profile shooters appeared on a heap as it was the last 365 days. Nevertheless, the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre offers real art. Today, we are starting our week of the best strategy games of all time and who could be better suited to the beginning than the biggest of their guild.
Best of RTS: WarCraft III & StarCraft: Broodwar

We start the week with two milestones of RTS history. In addition to the Hack'n'Slay god "Diablo", it was especially "WarCraft" and "StarCraft", which catapulted Blizzard into the Olympus of the game gods. Since then, no matter what Blizzard tackles, it becomes gold. The Californians are unbeaten in their design understanding, that prove their games alone.

When "StarCraft" appeared in 1999, the entire trade press was fascinated. Finally, a game has been created to create three completely different peoples, each of which requires different game modes. Whether the Terran, Protoss or the Zerg have been chosen, the gameplay was phenomenal. The perfect balance of the three parties is almost unrivaled today and is regarded as a good example of good game design. In eSport, "StarCraft" continues to be the "mother of the strategy games" and has now for 10 years still a committed community behind itself. In South Korea, the battle of the stars has long since become an official sport and has been a myth for us Europeans.

However, "StarCraft" also had weaknesses. For example, the unit's route search routine is considered bad. This is only really true when you are playing at a really high level, because then you reach click speeds that push the game to its limits. Small info on the edge: A good "StarCraft" player usually works with 300 ApM (Actions per minute). In addition, the graphics of the real-time hit was considered obsolete at that time.
A little later, the addon "Broodwar" appeared that "StarCraft" finally integrated as a fixed size in the eSport.

Four years later, we write the year 2002, get "Blizzard" to the next hit. The name "WarCraft" was already known for many games fans, because in contrast to the cosmic counterpart, this name beretis had two predecessors, and you were already aware of the quality of these games. That's why the hype surrounding "WarCraft III" was huge. It was considered the most anticipated game of the year. There were two great features that influenced the genre in the long run. On the one hand there would be the timeless style of the 3D graphics, on the other the heroes. For the first time in a RTS game a role playing aspect was introduced and with success.

So do not worry about it anyway, you can not regret it at all!

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