Blue Flower

The strategy genre had a few defeats in the last year, because 2007 was the shooter year at all. Never before have so many high-profile shooters appeared on a heap as it was the last 365 days. Nevertheless, the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre offers real art. Today, we are starting our week of the best strategy games of all time and who could be better suited to the beginning than the biggest of their guild.
Best of RTS: WarCraft III & StarCraft: Broodwar

We start the week with two milestones of RTS history. In addition to the Hack'n'Slay god "Diablo", it was especially "WarCraft" and "StarCraft", which catapulted Blizzard into the Olympus of the game gods. Since then, no matter what Blizzard tackles, it becomes gold. The Californians are unbeaten in their design understanding, that prove their games alone.